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Mashiro x Kobeni (Coloured) by SkinSuitLover123 Mashiro x Kobeni (Coloured) :iconskinsuitlover123:SkinSuitLover123 33 2
Abducted school: Part. 2
Day 3 (midnight other half)
Here we are, me and the girl that claim she is one of my best friend sitting there in the director office once again. We  kept the silence and patiently wait for the woman who was in charge of this "training" mission to appear. When she enter the office I could see she was trying to hide her pleasure... She almost look happy to see the two of us.
"Well, well, well, isn't it mister troublemaker" She said looking at me with the most fake smile I ever seen
"It alway a pleasure to see you Miss master mind" I answer with a smirk
"Guards can you please show the way to the girl dorm to miss I have one or two thing to say to Mister over there"
Finally the guard... help if it was not literally push the girl out of the office... I had a really bad feeling about this, I don't know why but I just can't thrust this woman.
"Sorry about everything you see she is my niece, she is an orphan and don't really have friends, she often follow me in my official mission.
:iconfoxpower93:Foxpower93 115 27
Flipped-Part 1: Perfect Teacher
   It isn’t my fault that I am constantly failing Algebra II.  After all, I do have Miss Leanne Walters as my teacher.  She isn’t a bad teacher; it’s just that she’s so…well…HOT!  She has those nice breasts and those pretty brown eyes.  Usually I end up staring at those instead of the math equations.  Oh gosh, I hope I don’t screw up at school today…
   “Okay class! Can anybody tell me how to solve this equation?” Leanne says.  Of course I barely even hear these words, because I can’t stop staring at those…at those...
   “David, you’re up!”
   “Wha…! Oh, yeah, I can solve this.” I say as the class laughs.  I walk up to the blackboard and Leanne winks at me.  “You can do this!”  I look at the equation.  “Oh gosh.”  I don&
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 172 3
Abducted school route A part. 2
Day 19
I wake up from my dreamless night, my first reflex was to check my watch, it was 9:26. Great I didn't overslept and if I knew my friends well enough they were probably already there waiting for me. I open the door and see that I was right, everyone was there waiting for me, I make them big sign to make them join me in the storage room. When everyone get in I close the door.
Phoenix was the first one to start talking... like alway: "I'm so sorry about yesterday I didn't mean to put you into this situation"
"No worry, I actually call you here to show you the solution I find" I said proud of my new idea
"You don't think of accepting the contract" asked Fred that was now alright being called Rose by everyone
"No I don't at least not for now..." I pulled out the dart gun and continue "Here the solution"
"I doubt that you have enough ammo in there to shoot every girls that run after you" said Max
"Oh no that not what I meant"
On those word I put out a dart from the gun charger and sti
:iconfoxpower93:Foxpower93 40 149
Abducted school Route A part 1 (rewritted)
Day 18
I wake up in a bed in a room I already so too much... my personal room in the school... What was I doing here? I sit up and notice that I was back into my original body, how was that possible, I clearly remembered changing into a girl before blacking out... Suddenly, Rose enter the room, she was wearing a battle suit like the guards.
"The chief want to see you" she said in a emotionless tone
I don't even answer her, knowing that she was not the person I once knew. I get up and notice I was already in a male uniform, so I just follow Rose to the principal office. We walk in silence until Rose break the silence.
"I don't know how you do it, but be sure that one day I'll wake up Violet and make you disappear" she said glaring at me
I don't answer her... just standing by her side make me sick. We finally reach the director office, I enter and Rose follows me. Max mother was there obviously waiting for me.
"Now I understand why my predecessor give you the nickname of troublemaker, yo
:iconfoxpower93:Foxpower93 68 167
My first TG caption by AlexTGFan My first TG caption :iconalextgfan:AlexTGFan 213 59 In school crossdressing - TG caption by TGPL In school crossdressing - TG caption :icontgpl:TGPL 305 18 Schoolgirls and Schoolwork by beesey Schoolgirls and Schoolwork :iconbeesey:beesey 231 9 TG New Girl by beesey TG New Girl :iconbeesey:beesey 86 12 Punishment gone wrong by beesey Punishment gone wrong :iconbeesey:beesey 181 15 TG Caption Josh by beesey TG Caption Josh :iconbeesey:beesey 327 32 Caption: Video Game tg by TheXtra89 Caption: Video Game tg :iconthextra89:TheXtra89 336 33 Caption: Lazy Day tg by TheXtra89 Caption: Lazy Day tg :iconthextra89:TheXtra89 700 31 TG Blackmail by beesey TG Blackmail :iconbeesey:beesey 241 12 Coming out of his shell by TF-Wizard Coming out of his shell :icontf-wizard:TF-Wizard 410 88 Waking Up Changed (My First TG Caption) by 98Sparkz Waking Up Changed (My First TG Caption) :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 259 16


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